12 days of Christmas~ Self LOVE challenge ~ DAY 3

Alrighty~ so maybe yesterday was not your cup of tea…or maybe it WAS? I sure enjoyed seeing some of those selfies!!! Kudos for celebrating yourselves!

Today I’m going to make things WAY more fun. So much fun in fact that you’re going to get up and DANCE. Cue, “Dancing Queen, young and sweet……”

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Ok, well that was the song that was going through my head as I was scrambling to take this amazing portrait of Ithaca High School #classof2019 senior, Anya for her senior portrait session. The thing with smoke bombs is that they only last for about 45 seconds (if you’re lucky and the wind isn’t blowing the wrong way. But I’m digressing here again….)

Back to the SELF LOVE challenge. Its day 3~ and today, I’m going to ask you to open up your Spotify account, or Pandora, or I-tunes, or Youtube, whatever you got there…and type in the name to your favorite song. Like do that RIGHT NOW….

New York, Senior Portraits, Ithaca, Upstate, best senior portraits NY

OK~ so hopefully you’ve got that song playing. Now here’s the fun part. GET UP AND DANCE TO IT!!! 



Whatever makes you move the most.

Think of your dance as a mirror of your self esteem. What is it showing you about yourself?

Did you know that dancing can increase your self esteem? Here’s how….

  1. Dancing keeps you flowing in the present moment where there is no room to think about the past or the future.
  2. Dancing can increase self image because it tones your muscles and improves mind/body connection. (its also an incredible serotonin boost)
  3. Dancing helps you break through your fears of being awkward. When you’re moving, for the love of moving, all of your inhibitions release, and you’ve moved beyond the insecurities. Studies show that people who dance regularly have increased self image and greater body awareness.So I’m pretty convinced…and I’m going to go throw on some “GROOVE IS IN THE HEAAAARRRTTT”…by DEE LITE and get myself moving. How about you? Let me know your favorite song in the comments, I’d LOVE to add to my dance playlist!

New York, Senior Portraits, Ithaca, Upstate, best senior portraits NY

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  1. MICHELE MITCHELL JONES on December 29, 2018 at 1:02 am

    I love to dance and do it often! My kids and I used to dance in the kitchen when they were little and we all fit in the kitchen space at once! We still spontaneously dance whenever we feel like it <3

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