12 days of Christmas~ Self LOVE challenge ~ DAY 6

Ok folks, today I’m not messing around…its time to fully indulge in the love. Self love means sense love. Sense love means things that appeal to your senses. In this particular case, I’m talking about the taste buds…and I suppose the olfactory ones as well.

So what exactly would the taste and smell buds make you want to do? Let me sing it out for you…On this 6th day of Christmas….MY SELF LOVE gave to me~ a batch of finely baked COOKIES!!

ithaca, NY, Senior portrait photographer, upstate, Elmira, Horseheads photographer, best

And you might be asking me…Jamie, what does dear Gabbie sitting in front of a waterfall have to do with cookies?? Well, I don’t have any awesome photos of people eating cookies up my sleeve, and when I think of cookies, I don’t think of just any old cookie, I think of an EPIC cookie. So, my thought train was EPIC, the waterfall is clearly EPIC…and well I guess that ultimately Gabbie in front of the waterfall really has nothing to do with cookies other than that both will be EPIC. (here I go digressing again)

ithaca, NY, Senior portrait photographer, upstate, Elmira, Horseheads photographer, best

Ok, sooo…. back to the point. COOKIES and SELF LOVE! How exactly do cookies and self love relate?

Well in two ways.

1. Did you know the depriving yourself of the foods you love (such as amazing cookies) can increase your cortisol levels and actually make you gain unwanted weight? If you want to learn more about this phenomenon, I highly recommend this book by Jena La Flamme which talks all about how finding pleasure in your eating habits can help you increase your self confidence and enjoy eating (without the guilt) again!

2. YOUR DIET CAN BE AN ACT OF SELF LOVE! What we put into our bodies can be indicative of self love, or lack there of. Journaling about your dietary choices can be super helpful. Where are you restricting yourself? Where are you overeating from emotional pain? Check out this sweet article which gives some helpful tips on how to fall in love with your food!

3. Here another fun idea for cookies and self love. CONFIDENCE COOKIES!!! Have you heard of them? If you’re not up for getting messy in the kitchen, maybe you’re feeling crafty! Grab some markers, construction paper and scissors and bake yourself up a batch of these puppies. Grab one and go every time you’re in need of a treat.

Here are some example ideas of what you can write on them:

  1. Say something nice about someone in the room
  2. Hop on one foot and say something nice about yourself
  3. Read Jamie Love’s 12 days of Self Confidence Challenge reminders over again (shameless self plug)
  4. Repeat after me: I AM F’in AWESOME.
  5. I give myself permission to enjoy life.

ithaca, NY, Senior portrait photographer, upstate, Elmira, Horseheads photographer, best

If you’re anything like me, you’re wanting the real deal cookies though. In which case, do it up buttercup! Search Pinterest for whatever you’re craving.

Chocolate peanut butter? Snickerdoodle? Keto creme cheese? Raw macaroons? What’s in your pinned boards? I’m listing mine in the comments below.

Whatever you chose, give yourself FULL PERMISSION TO INDULGE!!! YOU DESERVE IT!


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