4 Personal Branding Tactics to Boost Your Social Media Presence

Of all the ways you can position and grow your brand, social media is one of the most powerful tactics!

Connecting with your audience daily on social media is an excellent way to stay relevant and ahead of competitors. However, creating and commenting on posts are not the only ways to connect~

Here are a few tactics that I’ve seen my clients consider that has boosted their social media efforts and helped them to stand out even more in the community in which they serve.

1. Become an Industry Expert

Online publications are always looking for industry experts who can assist them with interviews and content. Being featured on a popular website is one of the best ways to get your name out there. Make a list of a few publications you would love to be associated with and approach them about contributing. Just make sure you have a decent size following and good engagement rates before you do.

If you do contribute to any content, you can benefit from the additional exposure the publication offers.

You can even take it one step further by sending a select few publications an opinion piece. This way, you are already sharing your opinion and sending them topic ideas.

2. Turn Your Ideas Into an eBook

The more useful content you can share with your followers, the better. Creating an eBook showcases your knowledge, and it serves as a helpful guide. It doesn’t need to be pages and pages either. As long as the content is interesting and impactful, it could even be as short as 5 pages. Publishing an eBook is also easier than it ever was. Amazon is a popular platform for self-publishing eBooks. If design is not your forte, get a professional to assist you with the layout and graphics. The content might be good, but the eBook also needs to look good. Using this strategy I watched a fellow photographer colleague of mine skyrocket his online success in a very short amount of time!

3. Get Involved with Industry Meetups

There aren’t as many events taking place as there once was, but there are still a number of industry meetups taking place. Speaking events, workshops, and even happy hours are all excellent ways to connect and promote your personal brand. Don’t forget to bring along some business cards that include your contact details and social media handles. Though Covid has pushed us primarily away from in person meetings, lets not forget the importance of them for establishing genuine long term connection and potential business partnerships!

4. Grow Your Newsletter Database

Email marketing is still a highly effective way to stay in touch with your audience, and social media is one of the best ways to grow this list! Give your audience some details on what they can expect as subscribers and make it easy to opt-in. Sometimes this can be done by offering a free gift to subscribers to incentivize them joining your email list.

However you decide to grow your personal brand using social media, remember that consistency is key. Create a social media calendar to make it that much easier to be consistent.

Jamie Salima Love is a FingerLakes based Headshot and Personal Branding Photographer extraordinaire. She has helped thousands of small businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs over her 20 yr career by creating updated image libraries with stellar imagery. She is available for a multitude of services, whether you’re looking to work with her to simply update your Headshots, or to create an extensive Personal Branding Photography strategy and library with all the bells and whistles she’s got you covered.

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