Featured Personal Branding Session: Radiant Compassion

Alison contacted me to talk about her need for some updated imagery for her website and social media following as she transitions herself to L.A. California.  She manages a business called Radiant Compassion. where she offers a multitude of healing modalities, from yoga and reiki, to mindfulness based yoga and psychotherapy for those afflicted with trauma. She needed a portrait session that reflected each of these modalities and illustrated to prospective clients her brands mission, which is all about finding deep connection with the self to aide in living an authentic life, which then propels one into a radiant existence.

I completely resonated with her mission, and we began planning her session brining her mission and my vision together to showcase just how amazing she is! We decided to do most of the photographing indoors at the yoga studio where she currently offers classes, and also do some portraits outdoors at the nearby park, she is very much an outdoorsy lady and wanted that reflected a well in the portraits.

My hair and makeup artist, Brenda from Windflower Salon joined us for the entirety of the photo session and did her magic to highlight the already gorgeous Alison, who normally never wears make up with a bit of extra glow and color to make her features pop. Eco-friendliness is something that I personally value in my business, and hair and makeup is no exception! What you put on your skin matters!!! All of the products that Brenda uses are free of harsh chemicals and toxins normally found in beauty products. I’m so grateful for her comradery and contribution to make my clients feel radiant! She leaves each client looking all naturally a glow while providing them with a touch sparkle to help them shine.

Headshot Photographer, Ithaca NY

Headshot Photographer, Ithaca NY

We began the session with a few basic professional headshots and then moved on to doing more work style type imagery of her in yoga poses. About a half hour into the session her students arrived, and they began a yoga class and reiki session while I photographed it. The atmosphere of the room, even in a “staged” shoot, felt serene, and aware. Everyone instantly became deeply present in the moment, including myself, that is the kind of grounding effect that Alison has on everyone around her.

Once the class was over, we shifted wardrobes, and went outside for some more playful in nature portraits. Alison has such a beautiful spirit that is so clearly seen when she is in her natural element.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with her on this session and am excited that she now has a large collection of images to pull from that represent what is so unique about the work that she does. My only regret was that I didn’t get on the mat myself in one of her classes before she made her journey out to L.A!




  1. Patricia Roy on July 10, 2018 at 3:15 pm

    An outstanding photo shoot! You caught the essence and beauty of the radiant compassion that is Alison. You are both extraordinary!

    • jamie Love on July 10, 2018 at 3:49 pm

      aww thanks so much for your kind words Patricia <3 I appreciate it, Alison is such a joy to work with and be present with. I really love the work she does!

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