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12 days of Christmas~ Self LOVE challenge ~ DAY 10

It’s DAY 10! The 12 days of Christmas Self Love Challenge has been shifting all sorts of things in me personally, and I’m going to lay it down the most powerful, transformative SELF LOVE challenge yet. Are you ready for this game changing strategy? Cue the Drake song…“you used to call me on my cell…


12 days of Christmas~ Self LOVE challenge ~ DAY 9

Keeping in alignment with yesterday’s challenge. I’m going to encourage some deeper reflection as we move onwards into day 2 of this New Year, and day 9 of the 12 days of Christmas SELF LOVE challenge. Since we started journaling yesterday, I’m going to continue with a specific prompt for you to reflect upon. This ones…

ithaca, NY, Senior portrait photographer, upstate, Elmira, Horseheads photographer, best

12 days of Christmas~ Self LOVE challenge ~ DAY 8

HAPPY 2019!!! It’s a NEW YEAR…and I want to get one thing super straight on this first day of the year. YOU DO NOT NEED A NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION. Let me repeat that. You do NOT need a new year’s resolution. Anyone else feel that deep sigh of relief when I said that? I think…

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12 days of Christmas~ Self LOVE challenge ~ DAY 7

Its day 7!! woot…. I’m feeling super charged up with self love~ and I’m hoping its spreading its way outwards to you. Are you feeling the vibes yet? For Day 7 of the 12 days of Christmas ~Self Love Challenge, I’m going to throw my inspiration hands up to this young lady, Ms. Ana and…

ithaca, NY, Senior portrait photographer, upstate, Elmira, Horseheads photographer, best

12 days of Christmas~ Self LOVE challenge ~ DAY 6

Ok folks, today I’m not messing around…its time to fully indulge in the love. Self love means sense love. Sense love means things that appeal to your senses. In this particular case, I’m talking about the taste buds…and I suppose the olfactory ones as well. So what exactly would the taste and smell buds make…

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12 days of Christmas~ Self LOVE challenge ~ DAY 5

Alrighty then, so now that we’re feeling all forest bathed up, and our serotonin is sky rocketed from yesterdays walk in nature. its time to have some fun. What self love challenge would be complete without getting yourself glammed up? For todays’ self love challenge, I’m giving you permission to buy yourself something! Yeppers, get…

12 days of Christmas~ Self LOVE challenge ~ DAY 4

12 days of Christmas~ Self LOVE challenge ~ DAY 4

Its day 4 ya’ll!!! How is the self love challenge going for you so far? I’m hoping the dancing vibes got you a bit more flowy and aligned yesterday. I know movement always gets me feeling more alive and mentally fit. Today we’re going to be going on a different kind of self love journey.…

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12 days of Christmas~ Self LOVE challenge ~ DAY 3

Alrighty~ so maybe yesterday was not your cup of tea…or maybe it WAS? I sure enjoyed seeing some of those selfies!!! Kudos for celebrating yourselves! Today I’m going to make things WAY more fun. So much fun in fact that you’re going to get up and DANCE. Cue, “Dancing Queen, young and sweet……” Ok, well…

Ithaca NY senior portrait photographer

12 days of Christmas~ Self LOVE challenge ~ DAY 2

So yesterday I let you off pretty easy, I mean, looking into the mirror and giving yourself a compliment isn’t THAT difficult after all~ or was it? Well if yesterday made you feel awkward, today is bound to take it up a notch. Because no SELF love challenge would be complete with out a SELFIE,…

Ithaca NY senior portrait photographer

12 days of Christmas~ Self LOVE challenge ~ DAY 1

The dawning of the new year is upon us. I mean, its almost New Years Day and all! You might be thinking its time to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions, or how to change yourself for the upcoming year? Media and advertising certainly seem to want us to all dig deep and find something…

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6 reasons to update your current headshot

If you’re reading this, I bet you already know that having a scroll pausing headshot is vital to your success as a business owner. There are so many reasons why one should have their headshots taken, but its important to remember that having headshots taken is NOT a one time deal. As our business, appearance…

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What is the meaning of happiness?: oh…. and YOU are FLAW-some!!

The Dictionary defines happiness as “a state of being happy.” Well now, that sounds pretty simple right? Come on get HAPPY!!!! (insert Donny Osmond and the rest of the partridges) Ok, so maybe that song was before your time…ahem, I digressed there a bit. Ok, so back to the subject at hand. Happiness! To me…

Ithaca NY Maternity Portraits

The Golden Harvest: A time lapse maternity portrait project with Emma Frisch

Harvest season is a time of gratitude where we give thanks for the abundance of life around us. From each seed, we plant, we receive what we’ve grown, and appreciate how it sustains us through the cold winter months. Thats a pretty dang magical though when you sit down and contemplate it for a moment!…

Maternity Portrait Photographer, upstate NY

Maternity Portrait Time Lapse Project (Part 2): Emma Frisch’s Journey

It was in early February of 2018 that I received an exciting (and top secret) message from Ms. Emma Frisch, owner of our local glamping retreat, Firelight Camps , and author of of the cookbook, Feast by Firelight. “Hi Jamie, I wanted to share the news with you that I’m pregnant again! I want to explore working on…


Why printed photographs aren’t dead.

As a consumer culture that is now armed with phones and digital cameras, we are taking more photographs then we ever have before. It is estimated that the billions of humans on earth will have taken about 1.2 trillion pictures over the course of their lifetime. Many of them will be shared on social media,…

A dream waterfall maternity portrait session, Ithaca NY

A dream waterfall maternity portrait session, Ithaca NY

Diana had contacted me when she was about 28 weeks pregnant, she knew she wanted some maternity portraits to celebrate the arrival of her newest little girl in late October. With her previous pregnancy, the maternity portraits didn’t come out as well as she had hoped for, and so she really needed the job done…


A Workstyle Portrait Session with Radiant Compassion

Alison contacted me to talk about her need for some updated imagery for her website and social media following as she transitions herself to L.A. California.  She manages a business called Radiant Compassion. where she offers a multitude of healing modalities, from yoga and reiki, to mindfulness based yoga and psychotherapy for those afflicted with…

ithaca portrait photographer

How to prepare for a professional portrait session

Over my many years of providing dream portrait sessions to my clients, I’ve been witness to some amazingly successful portrait sessions and some, well, less than amazing sessions. What is the key difference between a successful and unsuccessful shoot? The successful clients spent time PREPARING for their sessions, and the unsuccessful ones, showed up unprepared.…

Senior portrait photographer, ithaca, NY

Senior Empowerment Collective Headshot Session

This years Senior Empowerment Collective members are pumped for some exciting opportunities. The first two girls who signed up over this Spring were Shakira and Gabrielle. Most people are thinking…class of 2019 seniors signing up for portraits in the summer of 2018??! but they’re juniors? So here is the scoop on why. If you are graduating…

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Workstyle Session Case Example: Joyful Fitness

I received an email from Shimon initially requesting headshots. When we spent some time on the phone discussing his needs, we soon realized that what he was looking for was more of a Workstyle Portrait Session. He was working with a web designer to create a new website which would feature his Fitness Coaching business,…