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A dream waterfall maternity portrait session, Ithaca NY

Diana had contacted me when she was about 28 weeks pregnant, she knew she wanted some maternity portraits to celebrate the arrival of her newest little girl in late October. With her previous pregnancy, the maternity portraits didn’t come out as well as she had hoped for, and so she really needed the job done…


Featured Personal Branding Session: Radiant Compassion

Alison contacted me to talk about her need for some updated imagery for her website and social media following as she transitions herself to L.A. California.  She manages a business called Radiant Compassion. where she offers a multitude of healing modalities, from yoga and reiki, to mindfulness based yoga and psychotherapy for those afflicted with…

ithaca portrait photographer

How to prepare for a professional portrait session

Over my many years of providing dream portrait sessions to my clients, I’ve been witness to some amazingly successful portrait sessions and some, well, less than amazing sessions. What is the key difference between a successful and unsuccessful shoot? The successful clients spent time PREPARING for their sessions, and the unsuccessful ones, showed up unprepared.…

Headshots Ithaca, NY

Featured Personal Branding Session: Joyful Fitness

I received an email from Shimon initially requesting headshots. When we spent some time on the phone discussing his needs, we soon realized that what he was looking for was more of a Workstyle Portrait Session. He was working with a web designer to create a new website which would feature his Fitness Coaching business,…


Featured Personal Branding Session: Guided Touch Massage, Ithaca, NY

During a web design meeting with my personal web designer months back, I was trying to explain to him my vision for a page on my website where I could promote a photography service that I often find myself doing for my clients.  I kept telling him, its not quite personal branding, because personal branding…

Ithaca high school senior portraits

Ithaca High School Senior Ana’s journey towards Falconry.

These photos to me are the living proof that anything is possible when you follow through on your dreams! Local 17yr old Ana Maria spent her early childhood days reading books like “My Side of the Mountain” and dreaming of becoming a falconer. Led by her imagination and a deep passion and love for wildlife,…

The mission of the Senior Empowerment Collective: Ithaca, NY

The mission of the Senior Empowerment Collective is to birth the next generation of fearless community leaders who are NOT afraid of their own greatness. When the world tells a teenager that their dreams are too big, or that their goals are unattainable, or that they need to “be more conservative, rational, or reasonable” I’m…

ithaca ny portrait photographer

Why getting at $40 mini session with all the digitals is a waste of your money

Imagine you’re going out to eat with your husband for a special event. Perhaps its your anniversary, or maybe you are wanting one last amazing meal out ALONE together before you prepare to have a baby that will consume all of your upcoming days. You go to the “Sweet Moments Cafe” a restaurant that was…

Ithaca NY family photographer

Ithaca, NY Senior Portrait Photographer tells about her own senior portrait experience.

Moment of truth time… I HATED having my senior portraits taken!!! Back in 1997, there was only two options in my small hometown, you either paid thousands of dollars to one photographer that only worked in a studio, or just did the photos from the staff photographer who showed up for “picture day”~ well we…


Local teens challenge racism with an epic performance of Hairspray: Ithaca, NY, event photography

Backstory: When local high school junior Emma Ellis, who is caucasian, was cast as Esmerelda for the school play, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, student activists from Students United rallied together to create a protest letter to the schools administration. They protested the plays lack of diversity, and felt that the use of cultural appropriation…


Mom-tography Workshop~Digital Photography Basics for Moms: Ithaca, NY

I’ve been getting asked by the community for MONTHS AND MONTHS~ and now I’m finally ready! 🙂 TO TEACH!!! WOOHOO! If you’ve been struggling to figure out how to work the settings on your Digital SLR camera that you received over the holidays, or would like a refresher course to boost your confidence and get…

Ithaca NY maternity photographer

Ithaca NY, Maternity Portraits: Fine Art Photographer

I  absolutely love serving the Ithaca community as a maternity portrait photographer!  We have such amazing locations to choose from that make women feel like goddesses! When I asked Chrissy what type of maternity portraits she was looking to have created to celebrate her pregnancy, she relayed that she wanted something simple, no fuss, and…

ginaartefinal-1-8 aaaahhmmaaze

Mother’s Day Fine Art Mini Portrait Sessions: Ithaca, NY

This year I’m offering something new to celebrate your dear mother~ (or yourself, if you are a mom!) The fine artist in me was thinking about how I could create a portrait that would illustrate the love between a mother and her child or grandmother and child. This intergenerational beauty and grace is something that…

Featured Personal Branding Session with Meadow Merry

So maybe you’ve heard the term “Personal Branding” and wondered, what exactly does that even mean? To put it in a nutshell, the days of just handing out a glossy business card are over! With the advent of social media profiles, and websites, business owners have had to up their game a few notches to…

ithaca NY senior portraits

Ithaca, NY Senior Portrait Experience: Urban Graffiti Theme

I had just finished a product photoshoot project for the magical herbal goddess Amanda David of Rootworks Herbals when she mentioned that her son was a senior and really needed to have his senior portraits done before the school year was over. I was like AMANDA!!! not only do I have your back for product photos…

Ithaca, Spring Mini Portraits

Spring Mini Portrait Sessions are scheduled!~ Ithaca, NY

Underneath this blanket of freshly laid snow, lay an enormous amount of bulbs ready to bust out in the coming weeks. As much as I am completely in love with Winter, I am eagerly awaiting the butterflies, warm sunshine and green grass. I’ve scheduled Spring Mini Portrait Sessions to take place on March 25th, from…