How Shared Values Can Drive Customer Loyalty

Are you concerned about whether or not to rant about your personal opinions on social/political issues on your company’s social media pages and how that may affect your business? This is a common concern that I hear from clients of mine when they consider what to post on their social media pages how that will…

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Must-Have Images for Your Personal Branding Website

Regardless of the type of business you start or the services you offer, you must have a website. What visuals should you put on this website though is a question I am often asked. You may have all the right copy in place, but what should you do in terms of visual imagery? Consider that…

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11 Ideas to Help You Plan Your Personal Branding Shot List

world traveling personal branding photographer

When you plan to invest in a professional photo session, you want to make it count –creating an essential shot list is an important part of this. Your photographer will want to know all about your brand story and overall vision. This will help them plan the shots needed to tell your story and ensure…

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4 Personal Branding Tactics to Boost Your Social Media Presence

Personal Branding Photographer

Of all the ways you can position and grow your brand, social media is one of the most powerful tactics! Connecting with your audience daily on social media is an excellent way to stay relevant and ahead of competitors. However, creating and commenting on posts are not the only ways to connect~ Here are a…

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Personal Branding vs. Headshots – Is There a Difference?

Personal branding has become a buzzword that is often accompanied by mentions of headshots and photo sessions. What exactly is personal branding though and how does it relate to photoshoots? Are headshots and personal branding one and the same? I get asked by prospective clients frequently which type of photoshoot they should book so I…

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A Realtor’s Guide to Getting Great Headshots

Not everybody likes getting in front of the camera, but it can help you stand out in a competitive space. If there’s one thing that realtors know, it’s that without relationships, sales can be difficult to come by. Showcasing your face using professional photos is one of the best ways to create a memorable and…

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10 Ways to Make Your ‘About Me’ a Little Less Boring

It’s a New Year, and you may be feeling a newer more evolved version of yourself emerging for 2022. As we set our intentions and create affirmations for the coming year ahead, it can also be a great time to update the “about me” or bio page on your website and social media platforms. This…

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Personal Branding Mistakes That Could Be Slowing Your Success

personal branding photograher

Personal brands are more important than ever. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an expert in your chosen industry, a personal brand can paint you in a whole new light. There is a multitude of ways to build and grow your brand online. However, it’s competitive out there, which means you really need to stand out…

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Can Personal Branding Photography Really Help You Grow Your Business? 

As more people enter the world of freelancing, the term ‘branding’ is a bigger buzz word than ever. It’s for this reason that personal branding photography has also grown in popularity. Many moons ago (back in 2004) I worked for a stock photography company and did the key wording of their image library. It was increasingly…

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