This body of work was birthed in 2002 on a sunny afternoon walk. I witnessed robins happily eating berries off of a tree in my Florida neighborhood. They flew around in chaotic circles clearly drunk from the over ripe berries, it was quite a sight.

A week later I came back to watch the robins and witnessed a now completely barren landscape. The trees had been demolished and in their place was a sign with a cartoon Robin smiling. Robins Realty began a new housing development project and the real robins never returned.

From that day forward I began documenting the untold stories of the trees around me.

I am fascinated by the way we unconsciously dialogue with the landscape around us. This work serves as a spring board to awaken meaningful conversations about trees and explore how we relate to them as a human species.

conversations with trees

Consuming Nature

2003~ My senior year in college was spent photographing a variety of native and ornamental trees in each of the Walmart Superstore Center parking lots in Florida with my 4x5 Crown Graffic Field Camera. The work was featured in American Photo College Edition Magazine. (I'll be posting more of those soon as I dig them out of my archives)