Embodied Alchemy Portraits

A ceremonial portrait session that grounds your unique evolutionary path with the present moment through embodied self awareness. These soulful portraits are intended to put you into direct connection with your individual life story while providing a sacred space for deep connection, self celebration and healing.

"The point of the journey is not just healing. It's also the reclaimation of our truest, most spontaneous, joyful and creative core of self"

Alchemy is defined as the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary. It is how we turn the shit life presents us with into gold. Embodiment is the expressive actualization through our bodies which becomes tangible and visible. I created this portrait session offering with those principles in mind.

Over the past several years I have been passionately pursuing my side love as a Somatic Release Therapist, HeartMath Coach and Bach Flower Registered Practitioner over at JamieSalimaLove.com Many of my clients and psychology colleagues have requested for me to create a portrait offering that combines both of my professional skill sets. I birthed the Embodied Alchemy portrait experience based upon that request in order to provide a sacred container for transformational healing work to be experienced through the art of photography.

These deeply personal portrait experiences intend to document a specific moment in your life’s journey. They can be done as a right of passage to bridge you to a newer version of yourself, or to mark a solar return, or major life transformation.


This portrait session is for you if:

~You are wanting to celebrate a specific milestone in your life

~You are looking to explore and express an untapped part of your soul

~You are wanting to heal from a past trauma through the art of photography and somatic work.

~You are experiencing a right of passage in your life and want to artisticly commemorate it

~You are seeking a creative deep dive exploration into what makes you come alive

~You've always wanted soul inspired portraits that fully celebrate you

~You're looking to come into deeper contact with your body's innate wisdom

~You want to gift someone a transformative portrait experience


Why Somatics and Photography?

One of the most powerful ways to heal and celebrate yourself is through being SEEN. As we are seen, we can start to see ourselves in a whole new way. My purpose as a photographer is to see clearly your inner light, wholeheartedly capture it, and provide you with imagery that reflects all that normally goes unseen within you.

Somatics is derived from the latin word, soma which means "body". Somatic therapy is an empowering body centric method of self discovery that can provide us with a safe space to discharge stress, and release blocked emotions or any stagnant energy that may be stored in our bodily systems thus paving a path towards increased resilience and overall states of increased wellness.

Regardless of your past history (good or bad) with having your portrait taken, its my promise that this will be an experience unlike anything you've had before.  My expertise (aside from placing you in the best light possible) is in guiding you through a fully embodied portrait session where you are able to naturally exude confidence and be completely comfortable in front of the lens.

Celebration, inspiration, self awareness, and personal transformation are the end result of a portrait experience created with love and healing intentions.

What's Included in a Embodied Alchemy Portrait Experience?

1. Somatic Discovery Consultation~Before your portrait session time, we will connect either in person or via zoom for a somatic discovery consultation. During this time we will discuss your unique life path and what it is you'd like to experience and celebrate through your portrait session. I weave together somatic practices, guided meditation, and dialogue work to help you come into greater contact with the essence of what your story is seeking to express. This is also a time where we will plan the logistical details of our time together.

2. Journal Prompts for Deep Exploration~ Preparing for your session in and of itself can become a courageous act of self love. My customized journal prompts will help ensure you have a deeper sense of self awareness going into your portrait experience which will help you to arrive to your session grounded, relaxed and ready to be fully present.

3. Embodied Alchemy Time~You and I will join hearts and minds for an afternoon of deeply nourishing time together to create memorable imagery that honors and expresses your personal journey to self. Each session lasts between 3-4 hours. I ceremoniously create a safe container for us to work within while providing you intuitive guidance and heart centered care. You will be fully supported in your deepest unfolding while staying rooted in the present moment. Each of my Embodied Alchemy sessions includes a variety of Energy Clearing, HeartMath Coaching, Tarot reading, Bach Flower Essence Therapy, customized Somatic Release practices, Prayer and Actualization Rituals.

4. After your session~ You'll receive a link to an online library of all of the images from your Embodied Alchemy portrait session within 2 weeks of your session that you will be able to download. Once you've decided which images are the nearest and dearest to your heart, I will create a customized wooden keepsake box for you with up to ten 5x7 mounted gift prints of your choosing to encapsulate your experience.

*Additional print products, such as canvases, and custom designed albums may be purchased separately if desired from my a la carte pricing menu.

Finger Lakes Region Locals: $1300 includes all listed above.

Live outside of the FingerLakes Region? Let me come to you! I love to travel and I'm happy to meet you anywhere in the world! (The sky's the limit here) Simply request a specific location in your inquiry form and I will provide you with a custom quote. 

"Jamie Love is soul seeing, and oh so validating! She helped me to powerfully weave a new narrative to live by. The actualization rituals of resilience and self love she guided me through were wildly powerful and transformative. I highly recommend her Embodied Alchemy portrait sessions for anyone looking to heal from their past and create a new future. "

~ M. Wagner, Fingerlakes NY




It is through gold mining my own shadows and deeply exploring human consciousness that I received a deep calling from the universe to share the transformational tools I've learned along the way with others. It is with joy and humility in my heart that I choose to serve as a light/shadow worker in this way and guide others on their unique journey!

Are we in alignment?

The Embodied Alchemy portrait experience is a deeply personal investment in yourself. As such, I'd love to connect to ensure we're a great match before working together. Please fill out the Embodied Alchemy Portrait Experience request form below and I will send you out a private link to my calendar so we can find a that works best for us both.

Because of the care and personalized attention I provide to each of my clients, I take on a very limited amount of sessions each month. Portrait sessions are generally booked 1-3 months in advance as they require detailed planning and preparation.

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