Featured Headshot Session: Advantage Fitness

I received a call from the marketing director of Advantage Fitness, based out of Ithaca, NY. Their request for new company headshots all started with one brilliant headshot; the one that Larry Zinger (pictured below) had taken by a professional. When the marketing director saw his image, they realized the importance and impact of a successful headshot and decided it was necessary for their entire sales team to have an equally spectacular headshot.

They had a sales team of over 25 employees all located from various part of the East Coast, from Florida to NY. They have all of the states covered. The only time they’d all be TOGETHER was during their annual team training conference. We decided that would be the best time to coordinate for a headshot day, soon after we made a detailed plan for each employee to get their 10 minutes with me over the course of the afternoon.

Headshot Photographer, Ithaca, NY

A simple, yet effective three light set up was easy to place in the hotel lobby (with their permission of course) and we began our time together. One by one, each came and had their 10 minutes in the spotlight, the goal being 5 images to choose from.

The importance of consistent imagery cannot be overlooked. Showcasing your team in this way can create a sense of company trust to your prospective clients and shows your dedication to a strategic marketing plan. The side effect is that it also serves as a great team building experience!

Having each of your employees together at the same place at the same time can help foster a company culture of camaraderie and well of course FUN! After all, there is no I in the word TEAM. The Advantage Fitness team was a blast to work with, fun loving, professional, kindhearted and ready to teach me about the work that they love to do. Of course this companies mission is all about providing the latest in state of the art fitness equipment. Clearly no “fitness” photo shoot would have been complete without some flexing of the muscles. They were such great sports at this, and it made for some fun shots.

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