Featured Senior Portrait Session: Les rêves del la tour Eiffel deviennent réalité!

Photographing High School Senior Portraits in Paris has been a long time dream of mine that manifest this past June when I traveled with The Twelfth Year for their Parisian Road tour. I had the opportunity to work along some incredibly talented photographers and met some inspiring teens along the way. One of the graduating seniors that I had the pleasure of photographing was Lisa!

Lisa who hails from Washington state was super sweet to work with! We began out time together in the streets of the 6th arrondissement of Paris just outside of the Luxembourg gardens. She arrived with a huge smile of her face, and a gorgeous floral spring dress with the perfect lip color to match. Her willingness to be playful and spontaneous led to a bunch of spur of the moment shots that captured her the sweetness of her spirit.

As we walked along the streets, in search of the best morning light I found this door frame and we soon realized there was a heart drawn on it. Of course we had to take a shot or two with that as a reminder of how much we LOVE Paris, but also how much we LOVE ourselves! <3

We continued to walk along the streets and found a few more nooks with gorgeous lighting and laughed along the way. I decided to covert a few of the images into black and white because I wanted to keep the focus on the contrast and textures and not let the color distract from the mood of her expression.

The next morning I met up with Lisa at the Musee du Louvre right as the sun was rising. When she arrived I got to see an entirely different side of her personality. Her fierce fashionista! Armed with a cluch and some sharp loafers we got set to work together on the steps of the museum gardens.

The lighting was off the chain, and I was swooning over blue sky and clouds as they rolled overhead. Sometimes I have these moments with clients where I have to take a pause myself and be like…DAYUMMMM!!! This is SOOO good! (this was one of those times 😉

After some time on the steps we walked our way toward the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel. The Arc houses a bronze chariot on its top (which you can’t see in these photographs) it served a a perfect backdrop in commemoration of the feeling of triumph…. you know, triumph like slaying your senior portrait session in Paris that is!

After a successful shoot we scored some brunch at a nearby cafe and bid our farewell till the next morning when she was planning to pull out all of the wardrobe stops!

The next morning Lisa arrived at the Trocadero in full on fairy tale garb~ Les rêves del la tour Eiffel deviennent réalité mode! She stepped out onto the scenic platform wearing the most gorgeous pastel pink gown and we got to work making her Eiffel Tower Photoshoot dreams come true.

For me the most spectacular part of Lisa’s shoot was when her mother, Connie (who had never been photographed professionally before) stepped out onto the scene wearing a matching gown with her hair and makeup done as well and joined her daughter for the most gorgeous portraits.

Many tears were shed, as this moment between them was something they had dreamed about for such a long time. It was now finally a real moment for them. Its not everyday that you get to dance on the Trocadero with your freshly graduating high school senior daughter and make her wildest senior portrait dreams come true! I felt truly blessed to witness their love for one another and share in that special moment.

Boom! There we have mission dream Eiffel Tower senior portrait session complete! If you have an graduating high school senior who is looking to make their dream senior portrait session a reality, please reach out as soon as possible. I do travel worldwide and LOVE making dreams come true for my clients. As your high school senior steps out into the big wide world of adulthood, they’ll have these incredible memories to look back upon later in life. The high school seniors that I photograph walk forward from their sessions with increased self confidence, and feeling wildly celebrated and adored by their families. What a beautiful gift to share in this experience with them!

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