Bach Flower Essence Consultations


"Disease is the result of a disharmony between the personality and the soul" ~ Dr Edward Bach

When the personality becomes in disharmony with its souls calling the body can become host to a plethora of undesirable emotional states and energetic imbalances.  Bach Flower Remedies can assist our subtle energy body in restoring itself to harmonious balance by neutralizing negative emotional states.


My role as a Bach Flower Registered Practioner is to guide you towards uncovering the various layers of emotional discord that are present within your energetic system. Through non-judgemental curiosity, asking the right questions, and deep active listening, I will assist you in selecting the remedies best suited for your needs.


flower essence consultations


Bach Flower Remedies Effectively Assist in Harmonizing

Stress ~Anxiety ~ Depression ~ PTSD ~ Grief ~ Fears/Phobias

~Self Esteem ~Learning Disorders ~Hatred/Jealousy



CONSULTATIONS~  I'd love to help guide you in discovering which of Dr. Edward Bach's 38 Remedies will best suit your most gracious energetic blooming. To book, simply find a time that works best for you on my calendar below.  Upon booking you'll receive a Bach Flower questionnaire to work through independently before your consultation time. Your initial consultation will include a treatment bottle for up to three weeks worth of flower essence therapy.  Subsequent follow up consultations can be made for at a reduced rate of $55/each.


*Personalized remedy bottles will be shipped to those of you who live outside of the Ithaca, NY area.


YOUR INITAL CONSULTATION~ $77 includes a 60-90 min consultation via zoom or in person and a 20ml personalized remedy formula mailed directly to you. This provides three weeks of treatment. 

About Jamie Love

 Bach Flower Registered Practitioner

Jamie Love is a Bach Flower Registered Practitioner and Level One Course trainer through the Bach Flower International Education Program. She has studied flower essences for over 15 years and has also completed over 100 Hours from the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine as an herbalist.  She's been invited as a guest speaker a a number of Holistic Colleges through out the US.

She resides in Ithaca, NY with her three homeschooled children and enjoys sharing her passion for flower medicine and subtle energy healing with her community.


Bach Flower Therapist