Light-writing, its what photography is all about.

Here’s a little photo history tid-bit for you: The word photo-graphy in latin translates to mean to write/draw with light. How we as photographers learn to master the way we shape and control light is everything! 

Light and shadow can tell very different stories and translate different moods and emotions. For example, in these two portraits of my daughter below that I took in the studio yesterday, I used the exact same lighting setup while playing with my new modifiers. Both images feel completely different, *intentionally* 

ithaca ny photographer

Telling my clients stories is the entire point of what I do. Sometimes they are light bright and airy, sometimes they are dark and moody, I go with their flow. For me its not about creating a signature style, or a slapping a prefabricated preset filter over a sacred moment to make it look pretty. For me photography is about consciously creating a moment that reflects who someone truly is, as true to form as possible, its the essence of the word and craft, of drawing and writing with light.

ithaca ny photographer, portrait studio, fingerlakes NY
ithaca ny photographer, portrait studio, fingerlakes NY

Which of the two do you resonate with the most? What story does the first image tell? What story does the second image tell?

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