Local Spotlight~ and why I LOVE my car from Maguire Toyota.

Jamie Love Photography was recently featured in a “Local Spotlight” article by our local car dealership, Maguire Toyota. You can read it HERE. They’re just the sweetest, and so I wanted to send a little love back their way in the form of a blog post about why I love THEM! (FYI, they didn’t ask me to write this… and I’m not getting paid to say any of this lol ) I just love them. So here my Maguire story goes…

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Back in 2011 I had purchased my first vehicle from them upon recommendations from a few friends. It was a beautiful Indigo colored Subaru Forester. I LOVE, LOVE LOVED this vehicle so much!!! I came to them with not the greatest credit scores (insert paying off student loan debt on a single parent income) They didn’t bat an eyelash, instead, they referred me to the local credit union who they often work with which provides car loans at a low interest rate to people who are struggling with their credit. I rocked out that car for about half of a year mostly driving my kiddos to and from programs and taking on an occasional photo gig here and there. (my daughter was about 2yrs old at the time. My life then changed drastically.

I was unexpectedly involved in a serious car accident in January of 2012 in which I was rear ended by a large box truck in a precarious Ithaca intersection on Rt. 13. The truck threw me into oncoming traffic and so I was hit on both ends (front and rear) resulting in multiple fractures to my right hip. The jaws of life removed me from the vehicle while I was still conscious. I was grateful to simply be alive after that experience.

Over a full year and an enormous amount of physical therapy, chiropractic care, and countless MD visits later…I was ready to drive a vehicle again. I went back to Maguire to purchase my next vehicle. They had a lovely Toyota Camry on the lot with very low miles on it, and I was sold.

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What I love about Maguire is that when I walked in the door to purchase my new vehicle, they actually remembered who I was. In fact, several years later, I had the same sales person to work with. My children were treated like royalty in the waiting area/kids playroom while I purchased the vehicle, and we drove away that day in a new safe vehicle which I knew would last me for years to come.

Anytime I have ever had a question, the staff at Maguire have met me with exceptional customer service, answered all of my questions and have gone above and beyond to accommodate my needs. I leave with a fresh rose, my kids happily given plenty of water and even ice creme while waiting for our oil changes…and in general, happy vibes all around.

Ithaca NY Best Portrait Photographer

So what this story have to do with my photography business? Well, I spend a large amount of time in my vehicle scouting locations and getting from gig to gig. Most of my corporate jobs require me to travel long distances. Having a vehicle with great gas mileage and huge trunk space to fit all my gear is an absolute must for me. Reliability, and knowing that if a problem should arise I’ll be quickly taken care of and given a replacement vehicle is also a MUST! These are the reasons I chose Maguire Toyota. My vehicle came with a lifetime engine warranty, and the one time I had to get it repaired (because someone hit my bumper) I was given a replacement vehicle for the week with no questions asked!

So huge shout outs to Maguire Toyota, for being an extended part of my family, a family which is also dedicated to environmentally friendly practices! (did you know that all of their buildings are run on solar power!?) Yep~ so many reasons to love them. 🙂

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