Personal Branding vs. Headshots – Is There a Difference?

Personal branding has become a buzzword that is often accompanied by mentions of headshots and photo sessions. What exactly is personal branding though and how does it relate to photoshoots? Are headshots and personal branding one and the same? I get asked by prospective clients frequently which type of photoshoot they should book so I thought I’d take some time to discuss the difference between them.

Let’s look at the specifics.

Personal branding is the process of marketing yourself as a brand. Instead of promoting a business name and logo, you give people the chance to get to know the person behind the products and services. Personal brands are designed to build trust by placing an emphasis on authenticity.

Visuals are a key part of the personal branding process, which is where photography comes in.

Personal branding images help tell a story both online and offline. They showcase your day-to-day activities, personality, and working environment. They can also include actual shots of your products and services to complete the story.

When planning your shoot, it is important to take logos, colors, and your personal style into consideration. You want your images to fit in and be consistent with the look and feel of your website and social media profiles. With personal branding shoots, I take the extra step to create mood boards with my clients in order to plan the look and feel of their final photographs to ensure that it’s in alignment with their personal brand. Personal Branding photoshoots also include an in depth branding strategy session where I meet with your web designer, or marketing team to ensure we’re on the same page.

How are personal branding images different than headshots?

Unlike personal branding images that tell a story, headshots are ideal for LinkedIn profiles and company websites. Headshots can be taken in the studio, or on location. It is only when you want to start incorporating a multitude of different settings and elements into the shots that it becomes a personal branding shoot.

So there you have it~ there IS a difference between personal branding photos and headshots, and….it is very rare to need both. If you are an executive working for a corporation, actor/actress, model, headshots alone are probably a better fit. For anyone else who has a professional career, is a freelancer, entrepreneur, author or influencer, personal branding photos are a must.

Jamie Salima Love is a FingerLakes based Headshot and Personal Branding Photographer extraordinaire. She has helped thousands of small businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs over her 20 yr career by creating updated image libraries with stellar imagery. She is available for a multitude of services, whether you’re looking to work with her to simply update your Headshots, or to create an extensive Personal Branding Photography strategy and library with all the bells and whistles she’s got you covered.

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