Photography Skill Building Mentorship Day

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You, me, a styled model and 6 hours of undivided one on one guidance to help you nail those dream shots you've been visioning up in your mind. I've created the Skill Buildling Mentorship Day to help you level up your current skill set and walk away more confident with your camera.

The day begins with a  portfolio review of your current work and includes a discussion on what skills you’d like to build upon. Topics can include any of the following:

~Gathering the tools/equipment you need

~Creating amazing lighting no matter your budget

~Natural lighting considerations

~Mastering Manual Mode

~Photoshop/Lightroom techniques

~Posing flows

~Session coordination and planning

~Wardrobe consulting considerations

Mid morning will be spent with a styled model and we will create your dream shoot. I am there to provide one on one support and help guide you through the entire experience. I can also shoot alongside you so you can see how I work with clients and get a better feel for how to lead a professional photoshoot.

Once the magic has been created, we will break for a yummy locally sourced lunch and then spend the rest of the afternoon editing and perfecting your images to portfolio worthy status.


~6 Hours of one on one skill buliding mentoring

~A locally sourced lunch of your choice

~A styled model to work with for practice

~2 One hour long follow up zoom chat sessions to ensure you’re implementing your new skills

*The Photography Skill Building Mentorship Day does not include any Business Mentoring. If you'd also like Business Mentoring, please consider signing up for my DREAM BUSINESS WEEKEND which includes both this skill buidling day as well as a business mentoring day.