The mission of the Senior Empowerment Collective: Ithaca, NY

The mission of the Senior Empowerment Collective is to birth the next generation of fearless community leaders who are NOT afraid of their own greatness. When the world tells a teenager that their dreams are too big, or that their goals are unattainable, or that they need to “be more conservative, rational, or reasonable” I’m here to antidote that negativity and bring the positivity to the next level.

It is my desire to create a portraits session experience that shows that teenager that no matter what other people say or think~ THEIR VOICE MATTERS, THEIR DREAMS ARE ATTAINABLE, and THEY ARE AMAZING!! Printed photographic wall art can be the physical living proof of that truth for those who can’t see it inside of themselves.

Ithaca NY senior portraits

When a teenager can begin to see themselves through the loving lens of a person that clearly sees them for who they are, and can showcase their strengths, they begin to stand a little taller, smile more often, and resonate in their self worth.

When you provide a teenager an amazing portrait experience that fully celebrates them, they feel valued and honored. With their strengths shining brightly into the world, they begin to stand out with confidence, and understand more deeply who they truly are.

This is my intention with every client I work with. Photography to me is not just about taking a skillful portrait, though having skills is a basic requirement of the job.

To me, it’s more about seeing someone at their core and being able to reflect it back to them in the most loving way possible. This all begins with how I view my clients, which ultimately begins with how I view myself. Knowing my own value and self worth allows me to reflect that back to others.

Ithaca NY senior portrait photographer

When we begin to see the value in ourselves, we can then see the value and importance and greatness of those around us. When I work with teenagers, I don’t just do “wardrobe styling consultations’ It’s much more than the surface looks that I’m interested in. I dig deep. I get to know and understand each person as an individual. Together, we discuss their relationship with self-esteem, and determine how they feel most comfortable in front of the camera.

Ithaca NY senior portraits

Through a process of self-discovery, I guide teenagers towards embracing who they are, AS they are! That is what authenticity means to me. Its not just a word I slap up on my website to sound good.

Ithaca NY family photographer

The goal of the Senior Empowerment Collective is twofold; it is to personally empower each member and guide them to step into their personal power, and it also is to create an impactful ripple effect in our communities through volunteer opportunities. I believe that when we stand taller as a collective, we can help others to stand taller as well, and in essence, uplift the world. There are no limits to what a collective of self confident, empowered teenagers can do to create change in their communities when they put their minds to it.

Jamie Love Photography is dedicated to uplifting each Senior Empowerment Collective member’s inner voice dialogue, so that they can uplift those outside of themselves. Creating the next generation of fearless leaders through empowering portrait experiences and collective bonding activities that promote and nurture self love is the catalyst…the teenagers get to decide what the ripple effect of their personal experiences will be and what positive impact they’d like to create!

~Jamie Love

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