Senior Portrait Yearbook Deadlines: What you need to know to be prepared.

If you are an upcoming class of 2020 high school senior, as in current high school junior, here’s what you need to know about booking your senior portrait session. I know, I know, you’re thinking…but i’m only a junior!? Why do I need to be thinking about senior portraits in April of my junior year? I mean, i’m not even a senior yet?! Let me explain…

You’ll be arriving to your senior year in September of this year, 2019. Excitedly, you’ll sign up for all of your extra curricular activities your calendar will fill up with prom, games, sports, ballet etc…come October you’ll get the letter home to parents stating: “Senior Yearbook photos must be submitted by”…(insert date not too far from then) You’ll gasp, you’ll scramble! If you happen to find the rare photographer in Upstate NY that is not fully booked already, you’ll end up with sub par photos and freeze your patooty off. NO BUENO!!!

Here’s the legit deal though~senior portraits are due to the yearbook staff different times for different schools. This is the latest on the Class of 2020 requirements for many of the Finger Lakes regional high schools I regularly photograph for. See if you can find your school below! Don’t see it listed? Let me know and I’ll find out for you!!!

Lansing High School~ November 1st 2019

Moravia High School~ October 1st 2019

Newfield High School~ November 1st, 2019

Spencer Van Etten High School~ December 1st, 2019

Ithaca High School~ November 1st, 2019

I think you’re getting the idea here. But lets break it down further for a clearer picture. We are currently in April of 2019. This gives you 7-8 months to budget for your portraits, which may sound like a fair amount of time…until you think about portrait photographer’s schedules in Upstate, NY during peak portrait season!

I’m writing this at the end of March, currently my calendar has spots filled all the way through July with those early birds who thought ahead of the game and booked me in advance. My May is completely booked solid, my June is right around there too….which leaves not a lot of opportunities left.

Another important thing to consider when scheduling your senior portrait session is the time of year that you’d like to have them done. In the Finger Lakes region, we have what I consider two seasons; seasonably comfortable to wear a dress outdoors, or freeze your butt off and be miserable season. Now, don’t get me wrong; I DO photograph people in all kinds of weather…but if winter or late October rain is not your idea of a great time…then getting on my calendar for June/July would be wise! For those of you who LOVE the snow, then getting on my calendar in October for December is wise. Yes, I’m booked 3 months in advance most times of the year!

Ithaca NY senior Portrait Photographer

The real deal truth is this, your senior year is going to FLY by and be packed with so many deadlines… Whether it be college application submissions, prom dress shopping, winning the state championships in a series of late night games, ballet practices 5x week or driving around with your parents all evening after school so you can finally pass your driver license exam; you will NOT want to be thinking about cramming in a senior portrait session amidst all of that.

Planning a spring or summer portrait session the summer before your senior year is an ideal time for flowers, warm sunshine, and waterfalls. It also gives you plenty of time to plan ahead and create a senior portrait experience that will be memorable and not feel rushed. Fret not though my dearies…I also offer complementary graduation mini portrait sessions during the month of your high school graduation to all of my VIP clients! That way you can rest assured you’ll also have fresh photos for your grad announcements and grandparents as well!

I hope you’ve found this blog post informative! No matter who you decide upon to create your senior portrait experience, whether it be me, or someone else, you deserve to feel prepared, informed, NOT RUSHED and ready to shine your best light into the world. Senior portraits are those portraits that will live with you well beyond your high school years; yep my kiddos are still laughing at mine as I type!

If you’d like to read some more helpful tips on finding the perfect senior portrait photographer for you, check out my other blog post 10 Tips for Choosing a Senior Portrait Photographer.

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