Sharing the Love~ Community Offerings by My Amazing Clients!!

I’ve been thinking a great deal about each and everyone of us as we are navigating this new uncertain terrain we’ve found ourselves in. My goodness how life can make such a drastic change in just one weeks time!

I recently checked in with all of the clients that I’ve worked with over the past year to see how they were holding up and to offer my support and love. They are all such kind, thoughtful leaders in our community and so I want to share with you all their offerings during this time. Many of them have moved their businesses completely online, while others have come up with creative solutions to keep their businesses afloat during the storm.

My photography work spans a WIDE variety of people and businesses! (and this is only some of them~ as I’m still awaiting responses from others) Please scroll through the offerings all the way to the bottom of the post and see if there’s anything that speaks to you that could be of service during this time. I’ve tried to keep them in categories for easier finding of what you might need.



Headshot Photographer, Upstate, NY

This coming Wednesday Mark is offering a free webinar on How to implement pay from the heart pricing for your services, which is something he’s done for a long time

He also offers FREE BUSINESS ASSESMENTS and a few helpful videos that have gone up his YouTube Channel: MARKETING DURING A PANDEMIC
And 2 things Not to do with your business in a pandemic, which has had nearly 1000 views.


Personal Branding Photographer, Upstate NY NYC

Ryan Clover Owens is a guru on all things web design! His company MAPLE CREATIVE built my website, and I highly recommend you give him a call if you need help moving your offerings and services online. He has a course on How to Build your Website in 30 days, and offers a variety of design services fit to meet your needs.


Personal Branding Photographer, Upstate NY NYC

Amber’s expertise is with Brand and Campaign Management, Communication Systems and Leadership Guidance. She is accepting consulting projects for program management and marketing projects on a case by case basis. She is also helping her clients move their operations online through transition strategies and adapting their marketing strategies for this time of change and uncertainty. You can schedule a call with her on her WEBSITE to learn more about how she can help you navigate your business during this transition.



Headshot Photographer, Upstate, NY

The Compassionate Leaders Circle is an authentically connected community dedicated to amplifying compassion, clarifying purpose, transforming lives and making a positive impact on the planet. For the month of April they are offering FREE DAILY Pivot with Compassion Group Coaching sessions. You can sign-up once and come every day for support and inspiration OR just drop in when you can.


Personal Branding Photographer, Upstate NY NYC

Alison is a Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), 500hr Kripalu Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master. She works in private practice in Los Angeles, specializing in treating anxiety and trauma through mindfulness-based modalities and self-compassion approaches. Alison is passionate about using mind-body modalities for healing and helping individuals access self-acceptance. Prior to living in Los Angeles, Alison lived in Ithaca, NY for a decade and has enjoyed reconnecting with so many students online!

She writes~ During this time of uncertainty, it’s crucial to take care of ourselves on all levels; body, mind and soul. Carving out space to ground and practice self-compassion can start on an individual level in your yoga practice – moments of slowing down, connecting to your own needs, and offering yourself kindness. As you cultivate those qualities within, you can also offer that energy to your family, neighbors, communities and the world as a whole. Yoga also provides so many tools for managing stress, anxiety and boosting your immune system – a practice that can truly support and sustain you in the face of uncertainty.

I’ve enjoyed offering online yoga classes and providing space to connect within and to community. All classes are one hour and donation-based.
Wednesdays and Fridays 5pmEST/2pmPST All-levels YogaSundays 8pmEST/5pmPST Gentle and Restorative Yoga. You can register for her classes by visiting her website HERE.


Personal Branding Photographer, Upstate NY NYC

Maya is a wellspring of love and knowledge on all things, yoga, mothering and creating. She has currently transferred all of her yoga classes to zoom chat. Here is her weekly schedule and the LINK where you can register.


world traveling personal branding photographer

Jonah is an herbalist, soul midwife, and medicine woman whose work fosters soul alignment, and self healing. During this time she is offering a few incredible things:

1. A plethora of herbal teas to relax and restore the body and mind in her online shop. I can personally attest to how much they’ve enhanced my life~ I drink her Lemon Skye tea daily!

2. She is also offering amazing herbal advice in the form of videos on her FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE For Unity Mountain Herbs.

3. She is offering herbal and shamanic sessions via video chat at a sliding scale of 0-$100. They are 1 hour sessions and are offered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays only. She writes; “Please get in touch if you need spiritual, emotional or physical resource and guidance during this intense time. Shamanic sessions involve listening to what is alive for you and what assistance you are seeking in your life right now, then doing some shamanic healing to offer clarity, guidance and strength on your path. In herbal sessions I can provide support with your nervous system, energy, immunity as well as working with chronic dis-ease.”

Feel free to call her or email to book or learn more!, 603-863-2941.


Personal Branding Photographer, Upstate NY NYC

Aniiyah is a gifted massage therapist, healer, herbalist and soul guide. While her hands on massage practice is no longer in operation, you can purchase a gift certificate for a future session at THE SACRED WATERS MASSAGE. website. She is also offering curbside pick up for herbal remedy orders. Many of her remedies provide herbal immune support, you can find them HERE. Simply text her (607-342-3310) or PM with your order and she will bag it, tag it, and have it ready and waiting OUTSIDE her studio in Berkshire, NY.


Personal Branding Photographer, Upstate NY NYC

Shimon helps people overcome their barriers to fitness by providing wellness coaching services, as well as yoga classes. While his in person offerings are on hold, he is providing some beautiful, donation based online classes in place of them. Please visit his website JOYFUL FITNESS to learn more or email him directly for a list of class times and to register.


Personal Branding Photographer, Upstate NY NYC

Bramble, our local herb store has set up online ordering with local pick-up only for our bulk tinctures, herbs, and powders. They also have e-gift cards available that you can use at a later date.

Their website states: “An order placed by Tuesday at noon will be available for pick-up at the Curbside Farm Food Transfer Hub Downtown Ithaca on Thursdays from 3-7pm at @pressbayithaca Court (110-1 W Green St). You will receive a confirmation email on Wednesday. Online orders are limited to 4oz each of bulk herbs so that we are able to meet the needs of all our customers. Order at: 

PressBay Food Hub, Curbside @ 110-1 W. Green St., Ithaca NY 14850

When you arrive: call the Hub number (607) 216 8321
IF YOU ARE ON FOOT: Approach the 110-1 door and call out to us! We will go from there. IF YOU ARE IN A CAR: If there is room, pull up in front of 110-1 W Green St. (between Diamond’s and Ithaca Halal Grocer).
If there is not room please wait IN YOUR CAR in the Geneva St lost and we will call you back to drive up to 110-1. Be ready to know what you ordered! We will place it at the door (outside) of 110-1 and allow you to load it yourself. Note: we will not hold missed pickups. On Friday each week, we will donate unclaimed goods to our local food pantries.

Please read this information carefully so that you can be prepared. Do not hang around the Hub transfer area. Only one person should come to the pickup site, not a group of folks. Finally, please be patient – there is only one person at the hub doing the distribution, so if it’s busy, be prepared to wait until you are called up to the door/curb. Again, we want to thank all of you so much for putting in orders and supporting Bramble during this time.”


Personal Branding Photographer, Upstate NY NYC

Paul and Rosie run Sweetland Farm in Trumansburg that provides our community with a wide variety of seasonal produce throughout the year. During this time, they have been doing Drive Through Markets to help safely provide their CSA members with fresh greens. You can learn more information about joining their CSA for the spring/summer 2020 season HERE. To stay abreast of when they’re doing Green Drive throughs, also check out their FB page which posts events as they’re offered. I’M PERSONALLY SENDING OUT A HUGE THANK YOU TO THE FARMERS KEEPING OUR COMMUNITIES FED RIGHT NOW!!!


I wasn’t quite sure what category to put the following people in, but I consider their offerings a much needed “Sanity Check!”


Headshot Photographer, Upstate, NY

Laura is a genius knitwear designer, teaches online knitting classes and is the first person I message when I need a good laugh. Her website NELKIN DESIGNS contains a storehouse of video tutorials on all things knitting! If you’re looking for a new hobby to pick up, I’d highly recommend checking it out! If you’re already a knitting wizard, you will LOVE her ETSY shop which has a HUGE variety of patterns, supplies and knitting kits that come with everything you need to keep your fingers and mind busy for days!


Headshot Photographer, Upstate, NY

Did you know that Lipstick is revolutionary? I didn’t think so until I met Melissa and learned about the amazing company BEAUTY COUNTER which she is a consultant of. During this time, though she is not able to do Beauty Counter Socials in person, she is still able to maintain her at home business as a consultant and answer any of your questions virtually. If you’d like to order up some incredible skin care products that are free from toxic chemicals, Melissa is your lady! You can find her offerings on her WEBPAGE or join her FACEBOOK GROUP to get in on the conversation about safer beauty products for you and your family.


Headshot Photographer, Upstate, NY

Marion is a talented Pastry Chef that some of you might know from Coltivare, our local farm to table restaurant. While she is currently laid off from her employment there, she is still fulfilling her teaching contract as the baking and pastry arts instructor through May. She is also working to finish her website so she can begin offerin private classes at peoples homes once we’re all out of quarantine. In the meantime, if you find yourself wanting to do some antique shopping online, her Etsy shop is still open for service and stocked with vintage dishes so you can dine at home in style.


Personal Branding Photographer, Upstate NY NYC

Emma is the co-founder of the local luxury glamping retreat center, Firelight Camps, and author of Feast by Firelight. She has informed me that Firelight Camp is still open as usual for business as they open on May 7th. They will have strict social distancing and cleanliness policies in place if thats where we’re all still at when they open. They will have updates on IG / FB for when we will be offering live community events again. If you’d like to book yourself a much needed day away for a future date, you can do so by visiting their FIRELIGHT CAMPS WEBSITE. As well, if you want to dive into a cookbook on inspired outdoor cooking, you should check out her book~ FEAST BY FIRELIGHT which will get you inspired for the warmer days ahead.


Headshot Photographer, Upstate, NY

Gina is an incredibly talented local potter who has brought my own kitchen back to life with her genius designs. She is opening her ETSY shop this week and busy at home making a mountain of pottery to grace your dining room table, so you can eat in style during your quarantine. You will fall in love with her work!

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