The Importance of Authentic Alignment in your Personal Brand.

I love Ms. Lauryn Hill. I spent a good portion of my 20’s singing along to her tunes with my grieving heart that learned to heal. Her message here is powerful. How you gonna win if you ain’t right within?….. Here’s the thing…..the outside is simply an extension of whats going on on the inside. I’ll say this time and time again.

As an empathic personal branding photographer, I see/feel both sides of the spectrum. I’ve witnessed some successful branding launches, and some that simply flop. Oftentimes who we are, and who we want to become are NOT the same thing.

One can really struggle to change their alignment and project outward what they desire. In many cases, they’ll end up attracting more and more of the same old patterns that they don’t want simply because their greatest fears are more prominent in their energy field than their trust in true success.

This to me, is a very normal part of the process of ones awakening and can point someone in the direction of doing the much needed inner shadow work instead of trying to gloss over the exterior. I suggest looking deeply at your fears and letting them become your greatest teachers and best friends.

This is one reason why I give my clients journaling prompts and ask the important questions before they ever step foot in front of my lens. Leveling up your brand is not surface work, although it may appear that way because it ends up being the exterior (face of) your business. In the same way I can tell you that true beauty comes from within, I’d also like to suggest that successful personal branding is something that comes from within.

The real deal golden nugget of personal branding comes from the spark inside your soul that says, I choose _____ (insert your most powerful mantra of choice) At its core, personal branding is about active embodiment, and the conscious choice to realign your energy with your highest aspirations. Its how we become, at the same time as we are becoming. I’ll take a moment to be perfectly frank, you can’t fake that shit, y’all.

In order to become what you are desiring, you must be a vibrational match for that desire. Lets give a hypothetical example. A life coach who teaches about being wildly successful to her ideal clients…the exterior is glossy and looks high end, yet internally she is freaking out and wondering how she’ll pay her bills this month if x amount of clients doesn’t book her sessions. While the exterior may look pretty, her vibe is infused with self doubt, fear and insecurity and an unconscious pushiness that ends up repelling her ideal clients. No matter what her outside looks like, her inside fears keep sabotaging her best efforts to move forward. People refuse to entrust their dollars with her message because on a deeper level, they feel something inauthentic and pushy about it. (notice i said they feel something inauthentic….vs actually seeing something inauthentic?)

Feeling and seeing are not the same things. This is why you simply can’t fake it till you make it. An important thing to consider when you’re aligning your energy with the vibration of your highest vision is how YOU feel in that space yourself. Do you feel confident? Comfortable? Relaxed? Grounded? or do you feel frantic, chaotic, nervous or ungrounded?

How you feel will clearly show in your images, so while the proverbial dress might look amazing on the outside, if you don’t feel comfortable in your skin wearing it…its not going to align. This is why doing the inner work and finding a photographer that you connect with is so vital to your successful brand launching. Getting in tune with who you are and what your honest intentions are can be profoundly eye opening for many entrepreneurs and is something often overlooked in the pursuit of the image of success.

I’ve witnessed some successful branding launches, and some that simply flop. Here’s my belief, as Gabby Bernstein says it so eloquently. “The universe has your back” if your best laid plans are flopping around like a dead stinky fish…it’s time to do some of that inner work… see what’s legit inside your heart and what needs tweaking. When you set it all straight, as the inside aligns, the exterior will effortlessly shine.

If you’re ready to dive into the depths of your intentions and align with the infinite possibilities of your most gracious unfolding, I’d love to connect with you in this way and see what magic we can create as you shed your old skin and embody your highest vibrational vision for yourself.

Warning: the ripple effects can be wild!

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