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Do your current photographs represent you fully embodied at your highest potential?

Personal Branding Photographer, Upstate NY NYC


Personal Branding photography on the surface level is the telling of your unique story through stellar imagery that captivates and attracts your dream clients. There's the saying that images silently speak a thousand words~ and they certainly  do! They also have their own vibrational magic within them that acts much like an antennae does. Imagery in this way becomes an opportunity to not only speak to your audience, but also to authentically broadcast a powerful vibrational frequency out into the world.

If you speak in law of attraction language like I do, you'll understand what I mean when I say, YOUR VIBE ATTRACTS YOUR TRIBE!  Images that represent the highest version of yourself help amplify your message and attract your ideal clients. A Personal Branding Portrait Experience with Jamie Love Photography is custom designed to take you to the next level of  self actualization!

Embodied alignment naturally occurs when you are in a flow state. Being fully in the moment while invoking your personal zone of genius creates a ripple effect in the world. Authentic resonant imagery which is created in a space of alignment has the power to either magnetize or repel energy.  It in essence shows the world WHO YOU ARE and allows others to decide if they're finding resonance or not. As soul-centric entreprenuers, understanding the importance of this type of frequency broadcasting can accelerate our process of alignment with the right people at the right time while simultaneously protecting us from potential misalignments along the way.

Regardless of your past history (good or bad) with having your portrait taken, its my promise that this will be an experience unlike anything you've had before.  My expertise (aside from placing you in the best light possible) is in guiding you through a portrait session where you are able to naturally exude confidence and be completely comfortable in front of the lens. My purpose as a photographer is to see clearly your inner light....wholeheartedly capture it...and provide you with imagery that reflects not only your strengths but also your highest values. I believe imagery created with this intention becomes much less about superficiality and more about sharing your light with the world. Inspiration, influence and impact are the end results of a portrait experience created with love.

"What you radiate outward in your thoughts, feelings, mental pictures and words, you will subsequently attract into your life."

Personal Branding Photographer, Upstate NY NYC


What's included in a Personal Branding Portrait Experience?

1. Strategic Planning Session~This helps us to connect our hearts and minds before your session. This is where I get into the nitty gritty of your mind, your vision, and your vibe. We will create an editorial plan to capture several stories during our time together, each with its own unique feel/location.

2. Preparation Guidebook~ Preparing for your session can be a joyful act of self love. My guidebook will ensure you have the practical tips, and wardrobe consulting advice to help you show up to your session grounded, relaxed and ready to be fully present.

3. Magic Making Time~You and I will join forces for an afternoon of deeply nourishing (and wildly fun) time together to create incredible images that honor and express who you are. I create a safe container for you to simply show up and be completely yourself. With my guidance and heart felt care you will be  supported in your deepest unfolding while staying rooted into the moment.

4. Custom Image Library~ You'll receive an online library of ready to use images for your website and marketing materials within 2 weeks of your session. All images come in a variety of resolution sizes to meet your marketing needs from high resolution printables to web sized, I've got you covered! From here you will be able to easily launch your next big dream into the social media world with ease.

Finger Lakes Region Locals: Pricing ranges from $900-$2400 depending on the number of hours we shoot and includes all the bells and whistles to elevate your personal brand to rockstar status. I take care of the logistics so you can arrive fully present and simply be YOU!

Live outside of the FingerLakes Region? Let me come to you! I love to travel and I'm happy to meet you anywhere in the world! (The sky's the limit here) Simply request a specific location in your inquiry form and I will provide you with a custom quote. 

Are we in alignment?

Personal Branding Photography is an investment in yourself, as such...I'd love to schedule a consultation to ensure we're a great fit before working together. Please fill out the Personal Branding Portrait Experience Request form below and I will send you out a private link to my calendar so we can find a that works best for us both to connect.

Because of the care and personalized attention I provide to each of my clients, I take on a very limited amount of sessions each month. Portrait sessions are generally booked 1-3 months in advance as they require detailed planning.

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Fret not, I've got your back! Click here to download my free Personal Branding Checklist to learn about what types of images you'll want to add to your imagery collection.