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20 Instagram Post Ideas for Your Personal Brand

Coming up with new and exciting posts for your Instagram feed is not always easy, especially when you are building a professional personal brand. Before you begin planning your next batch of posts though, make a list of the main content themes your personal brand is based on. If you specialize in a specific type…

personal branding photograher

Essential Personal Branding Rules You Should Know About

A personal brand is right for nearly everyone. It can help you create a voice and an image that accompanies your professional career, whether this is as an entrepreneur or in the corporate world. Developing a personal brand doesn’t have to be a daunting task either. By sticking to a few basic rules, you can…

personal branding photograher

How to Get Over the Uneasiness of a Professional Personal Branding Shoot

Not everyone loves having their photo taken, even in a relaxed setting with family or friends. Too many people believe they look awful or awkward in photos, so they generally prefer to be behind the camera. However, if you’re planning to grow your personal brand, professional photos are a must. This means you’re going to…

Personal Branding Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid

When you’re a professional, you’re always building your personal brand, whether it’s in a meeting at the office or on social media. You simply can’t afford to ignore your personal brand, not if you’re serious about excelling in your career. Unfortunately, budding entrepreneurs still face a number of challenges in the workplace that can often…

personal branding photograher

A Guide on How to Plan a Personal Branding Shoot for Instagram

If you use Instagram to market and grow your personal brand, or you’re planning to, you obviously understand how important visuals are. A professional Instagram shoot will leave you with creative, eye-catching imagery that truly represents your personal brand. However, great shoots don’t just happen, they require some planning. Here is what you should keep…


4 Essential Traits of a Robust Personal Brand

Your personal brand is what you’re all about. But before you start marketing it, it’s important to make sure your brand is ticking all the right boxes. A powerful personal brand has some very specific characteristics – does your personal brand hit the mark? Trait 1: Your Story Storytelling is an integral part of communicating…

Personal Branding ithaca ny,

Tips for Overcoming Personal Branding Photoshoot Jitters

Let’s keep it real here, not everyone loves being in front of the camera! (I know I certainly don’t haha) However, this doesn’t mean you should skip a personal branding photoshoot entirely! You may have photos of yourself that you can’t stand looking at, or have had bad past experiences with unqualified photographers, but I…

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Preparing for Professional Headshots When You Have Facial Hair

You’ve finally scheduled your headshot session with a professional photographer, but what should you do about your facial hair? There are no hard and fast rules that state you need to get rid of your facial hair, but it helps to consider both a shaved and unshaved look before your shoot. Your headshots are going…

Ithaca, NY, Cornell, Ithaca College, Headshot Photographer

Why Professional Headshots Can Be Costly (And Why They’re Worth It)

If this is the first time you’re considering professional headshots, you might be shocked by the price tag. Before you decide that booking a session isn’t right for you, here is what you should consider about headshot pricing. – Experience Requires Time and Money Experienced headshot photographers have spent years honing their skills, which is…

Headshots, ithaca ny headshot photographer, linkedin photos, headshot

LinkedIn Profile Photo Mistakes Professionals Should Avoid

LinkedIn can be a powerful platform for professionals looking for new career opportunities and those who want to network. Your LinkedIn profile picture is an integral part of the first impression you create – it gives people some insight into who you are and what your personality is like. If you want to make sure…

Headshots, ithaca NY fingerlakes Headshots, ithaca portrait photographer,

Headshot Tips for Actors Looking for More Auditions

With the help of the right photographer, you can catch the attention of more casting directors and agents. In fact, visuals can often make or break your chances of landing your dream audition, which is why it’s essential to get your headshots right. Here are some tips that will help:– Stick with a basic backdrop…

Headshots, ithaca NY fingerlakes Headshots, ithaca portrait photographer,

3 Headshot Photography Myths You Can Discard Today

Whether you’re thinking about taking headshots for the first time or you want to refresh your current photos, you may have noticed there is a lot of different information floating around. In this blog, we debunk some of the most common headshot myths so that you can book your next session with confidence and peace…

headshot photographer, fingerlakes, upstate NY, cornell, ithaca ny photographer

5 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Headshots

It’s that time of year again where I decided to take some time to very kindly suggest an update in headshots. I know, I know! “you already have headshots!” so is there really a need to update them? Here’s the deal, ideally, your headshots could do with an update every 2 years, especially in certain…

headshots upstate NY Ithaca

5 Ways to Look More Relaxed in Headshots

You can have the best headshot photographer money can buy, but if you don’t look relatable and engaging in your photos, they’re not going to have the effect you are hoping for. When you’re relaxed before and during a headshot photo session, it’s easier for your personality and professionalism to shine through. Here are a…

personal branding photographer

3 Key Personal Branding Ingredients for a Successful Business

First off, I need to say this, you are NOT a cow, you are a person! I’ve never liked the term “personal branding” because it reminds me of branding cows and herd mentality and in general feels super disingenuous and surface level. However I will humbly admit that I’ve had to use the term in…

world traveling personal branding photographer

How to Use Your Personal Story to Help Your Brand Stand Out

In order to turn your career around or take your business to the next level, you need to stand out against the crowd. However, with the ever-growing number of social media channels and online communities that professionals frequent, this can be a bit tricky! Adding to all of this, is that ones’ ability to copy…

personal branding photography, ithaca NY

How Shared Values Can Drive Customer Loyalty

Are you concerned about whether or not to rant about your personal opinions on social/political issues on your company’s social media pages and how that may affect your business? This is a common concern that I hear from clients of mine when they consider what to post on their social media pages how that will…

personal branding books

7 Personal Branding Books You Have to Read in 2022

Whether your personal brand has been around for several years or you plan to launch one this year, you can never stop learning and growing. Your personal brand is a valuable asset and one that should be honed on a regular basis. There is a lot of competition out there, especially online, which is why…

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Must-Have Images for Your Personal Branding Website

Regardless of the type of business you start or the services you offer, you must have a website. What visuals should you put on this website though is a question I am often asked. You may have all the right copy in place, but what should you do in terms of visual imagery? Consider that…

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Incorporating Clarity into Your Personal Branding Photo Session

Without clarity, your personal brand might not have the impact you are hoping for. Clarity is a simple concept but a critical one when building and growing your brand. Even your personal branding photo session requires clarity to be successful. Being clear about your core message is a must before you schedule a photo session…