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Best Personal Branding Photographer

5 Things to look for in a Personal Branding Photographer

So you’ve started marketing yourself and your career in your own unique way. You want your personal brand to come across as exciting, engaging, and different from the rest of your competition. You want to put the task of capturing your image and your essence into the hands of a capable, professional personal branding photographer.…

Paris Boho Photoshoot

Featured Senior Portrait Session: Boho de printemps dans les rue de Paris avec Kendall

For those of you who can’t read french, the title says, “Springtime Boho shoot in the streets of Paris with Kendall.” Photographing High School Senior Portraits in Paris has been a long time dream of mine that manifest this past June when I traveled with The Twelfth Year for their Parisian Road tour. I had…

Ithaca NY portrait photographer

5 Tips for Improving Your Personal Brand

A personal brand is a combination of skills, expertise, and personality and how you present them on different platforms is important. For entrepreneurs, a personal brand is everything, but how do you know if you’re doing enough?  Here are a few ways that that I’ve found helpful for my portrait photography business which can also…

Senior Portrait Photographer, Paris, Finger Lakes

Featured Senior Portrait Session: Paris avec l’artiste McKenzie

Photographing High School Senior Portraits in Paris has been a long time dream of mine that manifest this past June. I traveled with The Twelfth Year for their Parisian Road tour and met some incredible photographers and some amazing teens along the way. We spent three days visiting several dream photoshoot locations photographing a small…

Ithaca, Binhamton, Maternity Portrait Photographer

Featured Maternity Portrait Session: Autumn at Taughannock Falls

This super sweet family from Binghamton, NY contacted me for their maternity portraits after seeing my website and wanting something special to celebrate carrying their first child into the world. They drove up for a consultation, and we began brainstorming wardrobe and location ideas, over tea and developed a lovely plan. Peggy’s dream maternity portrait…

world traveling personal branding photographer

Why Personal Branding Photography is a Must for Entrepreneurs

Visuals play a crucial role in how you portray your personal brand to your customers and clients. It’s important to remember that customers shop with their eyes and will often make decisions based on their first impression of someone. Personal branding involves influencing the way potential customers see you and view your products or services,…

Ithaca, NY, Cornell, Ithaca College, Headshot Photographer

Featured Headshot Session: Cornell Researcher/Dancer Leila

Leila is a Post Doctoral Associate in Music and Islam in the Contemporary World. at Cornell University. She contacted me because she needed a professional headshot for her personal “about me” web page where she directs her potential employers. Her previous headshot, like so many others who contact me, was the best photograph of herself…

world traveling personal branding photographer

Top 3 Reasons You Need a Personal Branding Portrait Session.

Creating a unique personal brand and identity for your business involves a lot of thought, time, and ingenuity. Your brand is what communicates who you are to your audience and what sets you apart from the competition. So every detail counts, from your website to your logo to your photos. It’s crucial to put your…

Ithaca, NY, Cornell, Ithaca College, Headshot Photographer

Featured Headshot Session: Cornell Actress Sabrina

I received an inquiry from Sabrina with the request for “some serious and some smiley headshots”. She needed some new acting headshots to apply for her MFA Graduate School Theatre Arts Program application at Cornell. When you’re applying for such a program, no simple headshot will do. In order to stand out from the pool…

Ithaca, NY, Cornell, Ithaca College, Headshot Photographer

Featured Headshot Session: The Aspiring Actor

Gregg contacted me because he was looking to update his current headshot which was incredibly outdated (about 10 yrs old I believe he said!?) He is currently an English Professor who in his off time loves acting in the local Shakespeare plays. He was also thinking to take a stab at some other roles through…

Best Ithaca NY Senior Portrait Photographer

Featured Senior Portrait Session: Spencer Van Ettens’ Triathlete Queen.

“My daughter is for lack of a better word is a complete badass…..and I want an epic portrait session that shows her the queen that she truly is.” Not every senior portrait inquiry starts out like that, but when it does, I know its going to be a stellar one! I set up an in…

Band Photographer, Ithaca, NY, Sage Chapel

Featured Personal Branding Session: Cozmic Theo

Nothing makes the fine artist in me happier than when I get a phone call from a musician with some key words to build upon a concept for their upcoming album art work. Creating concept art is what I would consider my inner calling. While I also love doing typical studio headshot for my clients…

Corporate Headshots, Ithaca, NY

Featured Headshot Session: Advantage Fitness

I received a call from the marketing director of Advantage Fitness, based out of Ithaca, NY. Their request for new company headshots all started with one brilliant headshot; the one that Larry Zinger (pictured below) had taken by a professional. When the marketing director saw his image, they realized the importance and impact of a…

Maya Made, Personal Branding Photographer, Ithaca, NY, Fingerlakes

Featured Personal Branding Session: MayaMade

What I love about doing Personal Branding photography is how ‘personal’ the portrait sessions become when I’m tuned into my clients and their needs/vibe. Being an empath and somewhat of a chameleon; this comes naturally to me. Some sessions are fun, vibrant, bold, alive and LOUD. Others, require a more subtle, gentle, divinely guided presence.…

Personal Branding Photographer, Upstate NY, Worldwide, Destination Photographer, Ithaca, NY

Featured Personal Branding Session: Unity Mountain Herbs

Tucked away on the top of a mountain in Unity, New Hampshire is a magical place where a magical woman named Jonah lives. Unity Mountain Herbs was born out of a deep passion for building a strong herbal medicine and earth based spirituality community. Unity Mountain Herbs offers a variety of services from teaching, herbal…

ithaca ny photographer, portrait studio, fingerlakes NY

Light-writing, its what photography is all about.

Here’s a little photo history tid-bit for you: The word photo-graphy in latin translates to mean to write/draw with light. How we as photographers learn to master the way we shape and control light is everything!  Light and shadow can tell very different stories and translate different moods and emotions. For example, in these two…


Walking in the footsteps of Amelie… A bit about my personal time in Paris.

After booking my trip to Paris to attend the 3 day senior portrait conference with the Twelfth Year that I was invited to, I noticed something rather amazing. I had four entire afternoons in Paris all to my lonesome, four afternoons in which I could explore the city to my hearts content (sans children!!!!) Um…wowzas,…

personal branding photographer, ithaca ny, upstate NY

Featured Personal Branding Session with Klockwise.

Aniiyah and I have had a Facebook crush on one another’s work for well over two years. It was about darn tooting time we connected to create some updated imagery for her home based business, Klockwise. We connected over the phone and via email a few times prior to her session to discuss the scope…

Senior portrait photographer, ithaca, ny upstate NY

Featured Senior Session: ballet, sunflowers and goldenrod glow with Ms Anya

I’ve known Anya since I moved to the Ithaca area about 8yrs ago. Her mother and I are both homeschooling mamas with similarly age spaced children. Her youngest is the same age as my oldest, and so she’s a bit further along the homeschooling road than I am. When she contacted me to photograph her…

Cornell Graduation Photographer, Ithaca, NY

Featured Senior Session: Autumn’s Cornell University Graduation

“Do you photograph college graduating seniors too, because I really love your work!” Um…ABSOLUTELY, I’d love to!!! and there began Autumns Cornell Graduating Senior Portrait session. In addition to being photographed in many of the iconic Cornell locations like the Clocktower, Arts Quad and A.D. White Library, Autumn being the creative soul she is had…