12 days of Christmas~ Self LOVE challenge ~ DAY 9

Keeping in alignment with yesterday’s challenge. I’m going to encourage some deeper reflection as we move onwards into day 2 of this New Year, and day 9 of the 12 days of Christmas SELF LOVE challenge.

Since we started journaling yesterday, I’m going to continue with a specific prompt for you to reflect upon.

This ones involves ACTION.

Why action? Because self love is not just a thought that you think. It also involves ACTION. (cue the glowing bright lights in this one) Not just any action but.. INSPIRED action.

So here is the prompt: If I could be anything, do anything, or have anything, what would I be?

Write down all the details, and be as specific as possible. What does it feel like to be that? What does it feel like to have that thing you want? What clothes would you be wearing if you were that? Where would you be hanging out? What would your conversations be like? Where would you go? What are the smells around you? Who are you surrounded by? How do you feel?

Now that you’ve spent a good 10 minutes writing out your wildest dreams. Take a few minutes to look over the list and re read it. On a separate piece of paper write out the following columns. LIFETIME, 5 YEARS, ONE YEAR, 5 MONTHS.

Put each of those things you wanted in the above journal prompt into the categories of what you think is possible.  IE. “In my lifetime, I will write a book, In three years, I’ll have contacted a publisher” etc…

Now lets take a look at your columns. I want you to read the columns and CIRCLE the ONE thing on that list that would have the most positive impact on your life.

Got it circled?

Ok. So here’s the action part….

Write your goal down on your planner, and label it: MY SECRET SAUCE…or whatever motivating label you want to name it. Maybe it’s “I GOT THIS” or “GAME CHANGER” or “ULTIMATE GOAL”

Now take that bigger task/goal and break it down into little sub goals.

For example, if my Secret Sauce goal is to travel to Paris one day. The sub tasks would include: researching the flight, saving money for the flight, researching the time of year to fly, booking the flight etc.. etc.. you get the point.


Once you have it broken down, take each of those smaller parts and add them to your calendar. Yes I’m telling you to write up due dates for you life goals here! Nothing is more motivating than a dead line right? Seriously write them down. Be reasonable with this too, like you’re not going to save up $1000 in 2 days, but maybe if you put aside even $10/paycheck towards it, in a year or so you’ll have the $ you need to get what you want.

Once you can see your goals laid out into step by step action plans then the task becomes to DO them. Consistency is vital here. Spend 5 minutes/day setting your intentions for the day, all while keeping your goals in mind. Are your current actions going to get you towards your goal, or further away from it?

Inspired action involves not only dreaming up the wildest fantasies, but having the courage to see them through.

When you set your intentions and goals and map them out, it gives you an amazing perspective and travel plan to set course towards your dream life.

I know for myself when I’m aligned with my highest aspirations, my self confidence soars and I fully align with what I was put on the planet to do. This to me is the core of what SELF LOVE is all about.

I’d love to hear if any of this has been helpful for you, and what dreams you have laid out that you want to achieve!

Leave your Secret Sauce in the comments. <3

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