5 Questions to Answer Before You Schedule Your Personal Branding Photoshoot

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You’re finally ready to prepare for your personal branding shoot but before you get excited about themes and outfits, there are a few essential questions you need to go over.

These questions will ensure you get the most out of your session with a photographer.

1. What is Your Marketing Strategy?

A gallery filled with professional photos is no use if you don’t have a plan for marketing your business and brand. By deciding how you plan to market your business, you can better decide how a personal branding session will fit into the mix.

2. How Do You Plan to Use These Photos to Grow Your Business?

Now that you know how you plan to market your business, review your current marketing efforts to decide where you could use fresh and exciting personal branding photos. This could be anything from updating your website to improving your product photos on social media. This is actually the best time to start developing a shot list that you can share with your photographer.

3. Are You Launching Something New?

If you’re in the process of launching a new product or service, you should consider incorporating this into your shot list. Consider what images you might require to highlight what you’re launching. Having professional photos will also strengthen your marketing campaign around this launch.

4. What Content Do You Plan to Post?

If you have a social media presence or plan on building one, consider what content you would want to post when building your shot list. You want your images to fit in with your content plan for your posts to be effective.

5. What Is Your Message?

This is one of the most important questions on this list. Your photographer will want to know what message you have in mind for your personal brand so that they can build your photos around that. Your photos should be able to tell a story without you having to use many words, if any at all.

These questions should give you a better idea of what’s important when building a personal brand and how to get the most out of your professional photo session.

Jamie Salima Love is a FingerLakes, NY and Boston MA based Headshot and Personal Branding Photographer extraordinaire. She has helped thousands of small businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs over her 20 yr career by creating updated photo libraries with stellar imagery. She is available for a multitude of services, whether you’re looking to work with her to simply update your Headshots, or to create an extensive Personal Branding Photography strategy and library with all the bells and whistles she’s got you covered.

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