7 simple ways to style your blanket scarf

We’re just about to be hitting peak cold season in Upstate, NY. While we’ve had a super mild few days in a row, which is rather wild for February, the temperatures are about to plummet again soon. I decided to write up a post for you all on one of my favorite winter accessory must haves~ the blanket scarf!

Not only are they clutch in keeping the wind off your neck during the blustery cold days, but they’re also a great way to accessorize your winter wardrobe. I headed to my favorite downtown Ithaca boutique, Indigo Rose and met with owner Crystal, to get the 411 on how to best rock a blanket scarf.

The first thing you’ll notice when you purchase a blanket scarf is that they are HUGE!!! It can feel a bit overwhelming to know what to do with all of that fabric and how to get it to fit so stylishly around your neck.

Being the novice I am to blanket scarves, I asked her to give me a simple tutorial on how to achieve the infinity scarf look with a blanket scarf.

Here is Crystal hiding behind one that is fully opened to give you some perspective on the scale. Its basically as tall as she is, which is around 5ft 5inches.

Step one~ fold the scarf in half to create a triangle shape.

Step 2~ Scrunch and roll the triangle into a long scarf shape. This is done by simply rolling the fabric through your hands and pulling upward until it looks like the above photo.

It should look like this at the top.

Next hang the scarf on top of your hand like so, and make sure that each side hangs even on the bottom. Then place that length so the middle point is on your neck. Loop the tail end through the hole and VOILA, you have a blanket scarf pretending to be an infinity scarf.

  1. Infinity Scarf Style~ A blanket scarf can be worn very similar to an Infinity Scarf by using the steps above. This is a great way to rock your scarf when your goal is meant for some serious neck warming. All of the layers rolled up can be so helpful for retaining your precious body heat, and you’ll look amazing.

Here is the added bonus of rocking it infinity style~ you can pull up some of the fabric from the back and create a make shift hoodie for those moments when it starts to snow an you need extra protection.

2. Snowman Style~ Snowman style is for those days when you’re feeling as frozen as a Olaf and are wanting to dress yourself up like a snowman. Its the classic style that most of us are accustomed to wearing our scarves. Simply fold into a triangle, roll into a long scarf and wrap your neck. I love this style for when you’re wearing a pair of jeans, or a dress as pictured above.

3. Triangle Style~ Triangle style is perfect for keeping your chest warm or layering under a blazer or jacket. Its also rather ideal for covering up those low cut tops when the temperature drops to keep your cleavage warm and toasty. To achieve this look, fold your large square in half to form a triangle, place the center of the triangle centered across your chest, wrap it around your neck, then pull the two ends forward in the front and tuck underneath the triangle that was formed in the front. There you have it, the triangle style.

4. Asymmetrical Style~ This is basically the same thing as Triangle style, except that you wear it pulled to one side. Simple, yet slightly different for those days when maybe you’re feeling a bit more nuanced and wanting to be different.

boutique, ithaca ny
front view

5. Belted Vest Style~ This is a super fun way to double up your accessorizing. Simply pair a blanket scarf with a stylish belt of your preference and VOILA! To wear this style, simply open up your scarf to full size, angle it so one of the tips of the square is pointing at your bottom (as pictured below) then wrap it around to the front over your arms and fasten it in place with a belt. This pairs well with a pair of jeans, and some ankle boots.

back view

6. Shawl know what I mean style~ There are TWO ways you can wear your blanket scarf as a shawl. The first way, pictured above is to keep you blanket scarf fully open into a square in literally just wrap yourself in it. Think of this for football games, or those mad dashes from the car into the store on a cold windy day when you need an added layer of warmth. They’re always great to have on hand in your car for when the moment strikes, or you came underprepared for the weather. The second way, as pictured below is by folding your large square in half into a triangle and then wrapping yourself up in it. (this is how I personally wear mine all the time.)

7. Long Scarf Style~ One final way to rock your blanket scarf is the simplest way possible and what I call, “long scarfing it” Simply take your square, and fold it up accordion style until you have a long tail. Place the long tail with the center of it right behind your neck and let it dangle in front of you. I love wearing it this way just to add a splash of color to an otherwise monotone ensemble.

So there you have it 7 simple ways to rock your blanket scarf! Now lets talk about getting one of them! Goodness knows you’ve likely seen them popping up all over town, I’ve heard even CVS has some!? (so weird) My personal recommendation is to head over to Indigo Rose downtown, on the Ithaca Commons. Crystal, the owner, is always available to answer my questions, and help me customize a look that is flattering to my figure, and affordable to my wallet. You can also conveniently shop online if you can’t make it during store hours.

What I love about her store is the thoughtful planning she puts into everything she offers. Many of the clothing items coordinate with other items and so its a really sweet spot to put together a full finished look. From those sweet twisted back sweaters all the way to leggings, chenille dresses, leaf pattered earrings, handmade bath bombs and fun mugs; Indigo Rose has you covered from top to bottom.

Every time I go there I end up leaving with something that I love and get complimented on when I’m strolling around town. They also have a sweet selection of matching hats and gloves to go along with their blanket scarves. WIN WIN!

If you have a way that you love to wear your blanket scarf that I haven’t listed above, comment below, or send me a DM. I’d love to hear your personal tips and feature your personal style in my IG stories!

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