Featured Headshot Session: Cornell Actress Sabrina

I received an inquiry from Sabrina with the request for “some serious and some smiley headshots”. She needed some new acting headshots to apply for her MFA Graduate School Theatre Arts Program application at Cornell. When you’re applying for such a program, no simple headshot will do. In order to stand out from the pool of applicants all competing for the same limited spaces in the program, you’ll need professional headshot that WOWS.

Sabrina arrived to my studio well prepared with a plethora of clothing options to choose from. We started on a white background and right off the bat, i believe the second photo i took, BOOM!! We had an awesome headshot. I knew this was going to be a great session.

We changed over to a grey backdrop to coordinate with the variety of tops that Sabrina brought, and played more with facial expression and head posing.

Each and every shot I took was amazing, but the real wow factor for me kicked in when we switched her to a black backdrop. This is the gorgeous results of preplanning and coordinating your skin tone, tip color and shirt.

She changed tops again to a bit of a darker mauve color which resulted in these few gems.

Once we were done being super serious and “meaning business” we of course had to lighten things up again, go back to grey and have some more playful just for fun shots. This is when Sabrina’s true personality came through.

Another epic headshot session for the books. These are just a few of my favorites from the session. I’m happy to say that Sabrina has a large plethora of amazing images to submit for her masters program application that are sure to get the recruiters attention.

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