Featured Senior Portrait Session: Joie de Vivre au Louvre avec Liv

Photographing High School Senior Portraits in Paris has been a long time dream of mine that manifest this past June when I traveled with The Twelfth Year for their Parisian Road tour. I had the opportunity to work along some incredibly talented photographers and met some inspiring teens along the way. One of the graduating seniors that I had the pleasure of photographing was Liv!

Liv who hails from Norway, and has an incredible zest for life and really loves to travel! She is always up for an adventure, and travels often. Her joy and happiness for life is contagious as you’ll see. We began our time together at Des Jardin du Luxembourg as the sun was rising behind us. We started out working along the ornate concrete pillars which boasted some incredible floral arrangements. Liv has the most gorgeous blue eyes which matched with her blue pinstriped romper.

When the early morning sun was finally done making its glowing entrance, the sky turned the most amazing shade of blue. We headed over to the large fountain which was located directly in from of the palace. The reflections were inspiring, and made a luminous backdrop which showcased Liv’s joyful personality.

It was shortly after these images (where I used my external camera flash) that were approached by a security guard who was NOT very happy about us being there. “NO PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHS!” Thankfully, we scored these images before we were escorted outside of the grounds. A fond memory we’ll never forget.

The next morning we met up again early morning sunrise outside of the Louvre. A place which is much more photographer friendly. Liv wore an incredibly vibrant striped dress which was a perfect contrast to the dark overcast gray skies.

Of course every time I see a gray sky, something inside of me wants to turn it into a surreal technicolor dreamscape, and thats just what I did here in post production. My signature teal sky color grading added some oomph to our gray morning.

Liv was a joy to work with. We laughed, we played, we didn’t get stopped by security guards, and we even got to throw a little attitude into the scene. Its not everyday you have your senior portraits taken in front of the Louvre, so while there, you gotta own it to its fullest!

Here’s some behind the scenes evidence of just how contagious Liv’s joy was for me. Happily hanging out with the also amazingly talented senior portrait photographer Jenny Farmer who is based out of Georgia. You can check out her work at her website, JL Photography

Our time together ended on with these final few images. Joie de vivre au Louvre indeed! I recently caught up with Liv who is back in Norway and discovered that she’s serving in the Navy, and will be attending college when her services is completed. She described her time at the Louvre as one of her most memorable experiences from her time in Paris, and I’m so happy that she has these images to look fondly back upon!

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