How to integrate interconnectedness to source energy in your marketing.

I found this quote by John Muir on the side of my roasted diced tomato can yesterday as I was “a makin’ da pizza” for my kiddos. My inner mind wheels began to churn on all things marketing.

Backstory? Well, to be totally transparent, I was considered an oddball child in my family. This was in part because I would read the entire label to every product I ever purchased out loud before we bought it. I recall the first thing I ever memorized, at the age of 5 being the 7-Up slogan. “No caffeine never had it never will” (I wonder if subconsciously that’s why I still don’t drink caffeine?) I’ve always found the psychology behind marketing to be a fascinating arena to explore.

Of course this label reading behavior has carried with me into adulthood., and my children get a kick out of me reading labels out loud to them as I cook and shop. As a conscious consumer, I earnestly want to know what people have to say about the product they’re offering. I want to know their mission statement, their values and the company history. To put it more directly why are these people doing what they do? Who are they at the core?

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This leads me back to the above quote which so beautifully illustrates the interconnectedness of everything we consume on an energetic level. When I tune into the interconnectedness of life, or as some call it, SOURCE ENERGY, it can lend itself to a lot of questions for me. The first and likely most important one being; Why are you offering what you’re offering to the world?

As entrepreneurs this question is so vital to deepening your connection to source. When you begin to understand the ripple effects of your energetic intentions, the results make a lot more sense. Finding your interconnection to source can look a number of ways as an entrepreneur. Here are two methods I personally find helpful to tap into what fuels our intentions.

  1. Meditate: Take 15 minutes a day to sink into the presence of a higher power (choose what works for you and your faith or lack there of) You don’t need to do anything fancy here. Simply set a timer for 15 minutes and ask whomever your higher power is to guide you towards connecting with whatever information you need to know to best serve you in your business. Put your thoughts aside, sink into noticing your breath and see what comes. Connect to what its calling you to do, and take heed.
  2. Mind Mapping: Mind mapping is a technique I learned in my college writing lab days when it came to writing out a thesis paper. As it applies to your business, you’ll want to mind map out your business’s top core value and mission. Take a minute to close your eyes, tap into your heart center, and find ONE WORD that sums up your businesses mission statement. If you come up with a sentence, nugget it down to one word. Maybe its Connection? Empowerment? Education? Truth? Whatever your word is, write it down in the center of the paper and begin branching outwards into sub words that tell your WHY, and then subsequently your HOW. I’ve done one here as an example for you to springboard from.

If you stop to think about what John Muir is really saying in his quote above, “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.” This speaks to the interconnectedness of our actions and intentions as well. When we apply this principle not only our personal lives, but also that of our business which can have a great impact on the community around us, we can begin to understand the intrinsic value of being connected to a higher source as we navigate our marketing strategy. The ripple effects of our intentions can be powerful when aligned with love and integrity.

This is just one small element of the prep work I do with my clients through their personal branding portrait sessions and Workstyle Sessions. I help to align my clients with their core values and mission statements in an organized manner. In this way, connecting their intentions with source energy and the subconscious layers of their “why” can help ultimately deepen their connection to their audience (who is also seeking to find connection with their offerings) Its like one big mirror reflecting all the goodness around… can see everything with greater clarity once you’re connected to source.

I am a clear channel conduit that reflects your light back to you and assists in you in an aligned unfolding of your intentions. The work I do through my photography is intended to serve the goodness in the world. Through my lens, I can help illustrate your why more clearly to your prospective audience. In this way, I’d really love to know more about what your product label slogan would say if I were to pick it up off a shelf in the supermarket for consideration.

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